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Life coaching fees In brief

Fees for Life Coaching are £200 per calendar month for typically three 40-minute telephone coaching sessions.  You can also contact me at any time for short consultations if any important issues arise suddenly on which you need my help.

How does coaching work?

We start with a ‘discovery session’ to really get to know each other. This normally lasts about two hours, and includes a number of exercises to help uncover where you are in your life, what your values are, how you see yourself in the future as well as designing how we will work together. This is charged as a month’s fee, but doesn’t count towards your initial three months’ commitment.

If you live near me, (South East Hampshire, South West Sussex), I can come to your house to do this. If you don’t, then we will do this on the phone, probably over a couple of sessions, with homework in between.

After that, coaching will be on the phone (you phone me). We will have two hours telephone contact per month. My preference is three 40 minute calls, but I can also do four 30 minute calls or two hour-long calls. I can be flexible.

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