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Catherine Billam Coaching launches new website
 with Free life coaching session offer

London, 10 December 2007, Leading life and executive coach, Catherine Billam, is celebrating the launch of her new coaching website by offering a free introductory coaching session to the first twenty people to email her from the site at www.bestuklifecoach.com

Says Catherine, ‘There has never been a better time for people who want to grow in their personal and professional life to harness the benefits that professional coaching has to offer.’

‘Top athletes know that they need someone who will help them set goals, believe in them, give them feedback, help them to try out new things, suggest exercise and practice routines to improve their performance and hold them accountable. A life coach does the same things, but with your whole life, not just your sports performance.’

Catherine Billam combines a successful business career as a management consultant and human resources manager with a wide range of personal achievements – from sailing the Atlantic in a 32 foot yacht, to visiting Tibet and meeting the Dali Lama, to qualifying as a scuba dive master.

‘I love to see people change and grow,’ she says. ‘I feel very privileged when people trust me with their dreams and vulnerabilities. It is a delight to see people blossom in ways they did not think possible.’

‘Personal growth, personal change, career transition, career change management, are all perfect opportunities to exploit the huge potential of life coaching or executive coaching.’

The offer of a free coaching session is open to anyone who emails Catherine from her website until the end of December 2007.

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For further information contact:-

Catherine Billam
Cathering Billam Coaching
T: 02392 413 143


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Richard Milton Associates
T: 01732 452 608

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