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richard milton - writer, journalist, broadcaster

"Catherine Billam is the most gifted professional coach perhaps the most gifted person - I have ever had the privilege to meet. She is truly a master of her profession. Intellectually, emotionally and spiritually she is an outstanding individual and she is the kind of coach that everyone dreams of finding but never really believes they could be lucky enough actually to encounter in real life.

She is endlessly patient and restlessly curious, she is both brilliantly analytical and brilliantly intuitive, and she brings a crystal-clear honesty to her relationships, tempered by a warm and generous capacity to nurture and to build. Her interventions are so well-aimed that they verge on the telepathic.

Her tremendously wide experience in industry and as a management consultant specialising in the management of change in organisations comes through time and time again as she patiently guides the traveller on his or her journey to change, to fulfilment and to success."

Richard Milton
Writer, journalist, broadcaster

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